RIEBIE LAND 29 Mar. 2020 12 °C
Wind: 1.75 mph
Humidity: 55% Pressure: 1018 hPa
Mon 27 °C 16 °C
Tue 26 °C 17 °C
Wed 27 °C 16 °C
Thu 22 °C 16 °C
RIEBIE LAND 29 Mar. 2020 12 °C
Wind: 1.75 mph
Humidity: 55% Pressure: 1018 hPa
Mon 27 °C 16 °C
Tue 26 °C 17 °C
Wed 27 °C 16 °C
Thu 22 °C 16 °C

Welcome to Riebie land

Van Riebeeck Park Primary - the primary school in Kempton Park where every child's potential is fully developed.

Our dedicated and passionate educators work with love daily to educate and teach our Riebie learners through:


  • Top academic standards
  • Optimal sport development
  • Cultural exposure



Why Become a Riebie?


Our focus on academia is evident from learners' top achievements due to excellent teachers.


With nine sports to choose from, it gives every learner the opportunity to actively participate.


We have a history of strong cultural achievements and our children enjoy every moment of it.

Additional Services

Each learner has his own strengths and weaknesses, but we have the tools to help each learner reach their full potential.

Riebie Rascals

With the hectic life of today, we are here to reassure parents that their children are being cared for.

Hasie Kwassie

The road to success begins early and our Grade R learners are given that boost at Hasie Kwassie.

Focused on Conservation

We remind our Riebie parents that the Riebie Klanke, hard copy, are only given to learners where parents do not have internet access. Thanks to the cooperation of our parents, we now only publish 150 Riebie Sounds in hard copy every week.


Through this website we endeavour to reduce the use of paper and to get information as quickly as possible to you, the parent. We trust that the experience will be great for you and your children and that you will benefit greatly from using our website. We look forward to keeping you and your family informed of our newsletters and newsflashes.

Our vision: The school where each child’s potential is developed to its fullest


Performance is not enforced at any level, and thus prevents unnecessary pressure. Our starting point is to make facilities available and create opportunities in which talented children can be developed to their full potential.


A dynamic educational, culture and sport programme and an excellent teaching corps ensure that excellent achievements are delivered thereby fulfilling our vision. A healthy balance between academics, sport and culture are maintained, with academics always being prioritized.  


Educational teaching is done in totality in partnership with our parent corps, educators and community, faithful to our motto: Purposeful!

The key to the school’s success is an expert team of educators and a supportive Governing Body, that always acts in the interest of the learners.


Our theme for 2020 is: “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

Dreams are an integral part of childhood. To turn dreams into reality, parents and teachers must be aware of the children’s dreams. These dreams can come true if the child’s relationship with the parent / educator is combined in synergy.


We believe that parents’ share dreams with their children. May 2020 bring you closer to make these dreams a reality. 

Mr V Botha - Principal

Message from the Governing Body


Welcome to Van Riebeeckpark Primary. It is truly a privilege to be part of a school serving the community in a warm, friendly and supportive way. For the Governing Body, it is important to continuously develop the facilities at the school and create a positive atmosphere that will be conducive to the best education and happiness of each learner.