Welcome to RIEBIE Land

The Riebies is 37 years old this year, and for the past 27 years has been a parallel medium school serving a unique community. A community that stands together through thick and thin and places the interests of our beautiful learners first by supporting and nurturing each one, allowing each to live and let live.

The Riebies is 37 years old this year, and for the past 27 years has been a parallel medium school serving a unique community. A community that stands together through thick and thin and places the interests of our beautiful learners first by supporting and nurturing each one, allowing each to live and let live.


Values are taught and upheld at The Riebie:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Inclusivity
  • Unity
  • School pride
  • Choices
  • Gratitude


These values are the tools that make our children resilient to face the challenges the world presents with self-confidence, it is the compass that every Riebie will need to change the world outside - Theme 2024:

"Now is the time to begin."


For many years, The Riebies could also rely on the expertise of governing bodies (I will not be able to mention everyone) who could move forward with vision. I think of Chairmen; Messrs Johan Erikson, Alberts Breedt, Johan Leibrandt, Rudi Krause, and our current Chairman Mr Christo Strydom. These chairmen have given their precious time and energy for the benefit of every learner, educator, and parent for years.


As former President Mandela said - "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." For The Riebies, academics are and remain our core business, and I can proudly say that our educators prepare our learners for the future daily. The results and successes of former Riebie learners are well known.


In my opinion, The Riebies is probably the most versatile school I know. There is always a hive of activity.


Here, every learner can develop themselves to the fullest within their abilities, simply by participating. Various sports are offered - rugby, cricket, tennis, athletics, cross-country, hockey, chess, to name but a few.


Our school offers a wide variety of cultural activities - revue, choirs, public speaking. The Riebies annually leave their mark on a national level and regularly enchant audiences on stages across the country.


William Ward said: "When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves" - The versatility of The Riebies is truly put to the test by our involvement at Super 12 level. Our school is one of the select schools that annually concludes our league preparations by participating in the annual Super 12 competitions. Participation in this competition teaches our learners that anything is possible through hard work.


Riebeeck Park Primary School belongs to a community, and together we are building a future. I invite parents to become part of the Riebie community. In the Riebie community, we all remain stewards of our school. This critical thought primarily determines our own attitude towards the school and thus the unwritten rules of interaction with the school community. A key to stewardship is surely the realization that we are engaged in something greater than myself, that we can make a difference by serving, that we must take responsibility for the future of our school as a beacon of hope.

Mr V Botha - Principal

This is who we are

Messages from our former Head Leaders describing what it was like to be a student at VRP and what it means to have Riebie pride.

Iaan Bitzer: Head boy Yearend Speech


Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed teachers, honoured guests, and my fellow students,


As I stand before you tonight, emotions swirl within me - a mixture of nostalgia, gratitude, and a touch of bitter sweet farewells. It feels just like yesterday when I first entered Riebeeckpark Primary School. It has been an incredible journey from those early days in Grade one under the inspiring guidance of Mrs. Yolande. I remember my first Gala evening and gazed in admiration at all the students' trophies; I knew I wanted to achieve great things one day too.


Here I am, six years later, proudly addressing you for the last time as the head boy. Saying my goodbyes to Riebeeckpark Primary School that has nurtured and sculpted me. None of my achievements would have been possible without the unwavering support and guidance of the exceptional educators and coaches at Riebeeckpark. Mr. Botha, your example has been a guiding light for all of us, and I express my heartfelt gratitude to every teacher and coach who walked alongside me in this remarkable journey.


I acknowledge that I wasn't always the epitome of sweetness, yet I was never forced to change - I was allowed to be myself. It is said that teachers have the ability to make or break a child, and to the incredible teachers at Riebeeckpark, thank you for playing an instrumental role in shaping my character and preparing me for the adventures that lie ahead in high school.


To my fellow Grade 7’s, as we depart for the next phase of our academic journey, I wish for you the same joy and growth in high school that we experienced here in primary school. And to the new leaders, remember, you’ve been chosen for a reason. Lead with integrity, guided by your faith, and you will undoubtedly thrive.


I have great gratitude for our God. His grace has been my anchor this year, and I firmly believe that His guidance will accompany me in the forthcoming chapters of my life. With Him, all things are possible.


Once a Riebie, always a Riebie is not just a motto; it is a testament to the eternal bond and values instilled in us. I am eternally grateful for the memories, the friendships, and the lessons I have learned here. Thank you, Riebeeckpark Primary School, for being the foundation of my formative years. With these words, I encourage everyone here to carry the spirit of Riebeeckpark Primary School in your hearts, to cherish the values and knowledge acquired here.


Farewell, and may our paths cross again in the future. Thank you!


Zione Fourie: Head girl Yearend Speech


Dear Mr. Botha, staff, parents, and fellow learners:


As I stand here at the midpoint of my school journey and bid farewell to my beloved primary school tonight, I can look back with confidence on happy years at Laerskool van Riebeeckpark. Here, there was always room for everyone – whether you were top of the class, had the best voice in the choir, or lost a race. We always felt like winners because we were taught how to live out our motto PURPOSEFULLY – each according to our own talents.


Mr. Botha, a special word of thanks for the way you lead here at Laerskool van Riebeeckpark. Thank you for being a compass for our children, guiding us with wisdom. Also, thank you for the trust the school has placed in me as Head Girl of Laerskool van Riebeeckpark.


Then, my greatest thanks to my Creator for my talents and for His love and grace in my life.


I also want to give a big and special thanks to my family. Mom and Dad, I am grateful for all your support, encouragement, advice, and love! You are my soft landing place when things get rough! Elzaan, my dear sister, thank you very much for being my biggest "fan." It was always fun with you on the track and on the field. I know there are great things ahead for you!


I look back with gratitude and fond memories of my primary school years. I would like to share a few highlights with you.


When I entered here in 2016 as a Grade R learner, Laerskool van Riebeeckpark was not unfamiliar to me. I had a grandmother right here at the school who introduced me to the teachers and prepared me for big school. I was privileged to have my grandmother with me for 95% of my primary school career. She was my biggest supporter, and she was always there in emergencies like forgetting something at home and needing pocket money. Thank you, grandmother, you are still a grandmother like no other!


Teacher Lynette, we clicked right from the first day, and my Grade R year was loads of fun, even though I only managed to secure fourth place in the athletics team!


And so my athletics journey began. I remember how Mr. Hendrik and Mrs. Anelda comforted me when I came fifth or sixth in my first Super 12 race in Potch and how they reassured and encouraged me to keep going, saying my time would come.


Another highlight was the Legacy, and it was there that my love for revue ignited. In Grade 3, I met some of my best friends who still have a significant impact on my life. Mr. Armin saw something in me, and in 2019, I won Super 12 hurdles. The following year, I fell in my first race over the hurdles, but I got up and finished, and teachers taught me that life is about falling and getting up, and it's not about how you fall but how you get up!


Covid struck just before my first Netball tour – the disappointment was huge, but at the Riebies, we learned resilience. Teachers, parents, and children faced the new challenges and persevered purposefully!


In my last two years at the Riebies, there were many highlights, such as when we won the Interlaer in 2022. Here again, my teachers and coaches were my anchor. There were Gauteng SA's I participated in, Gauteng Netball, captains, and even later, East Gauteng Hockey. This year's Revue and choir were excellent... And now, in a blink of an eye, I stand before you tonight and have to bid farewell!


To every teacher I had in class, all the other teachers and coaches – Thank you very much for the solid foundation you laid for us for our future path. With love, your outreach, and your care, we learned that true wisdom is found in God and that God must always be our anchor. As you say it on Riebie-land's website: You plant the seed of knowledge in our young learners' minds, knowing that as we grow up, we will change the world! Thank you for that!


To my fellow head leaders, leaders, classmates, and all the other Riebies, I want to say: "Thank you for unforgettable years here." I am grateful for your support, teamwork, and kindness. Where our paths may soon diverge, I want to leave you with these words: "Live your life with dedication, with purpose, and with certainty." As Karen Zoid says: "Each one finds their path."


To the new head leaders and leaders, congratulations on your election. It is a great honour to be chosen as a leader. Leadership is placed in your hands, and what you do with it depends on yourselves. Remember, it's not the wind that determines the direction of a boat, but how the sails are set. Lead by example, always remain humble, and serve your school with pride.


I bid farewell to Laerskool van Riebeeckpark, our beloved school, with the words of George Washington: "As long as you keep your faith, your pride, your self-respect, and your love, you are wealthy."


May this school always remain rich in the things that truly matter!


Why become a Riebie?



Focus on academics is clearly evident from learners' achievements.



With nine sports to choose from, it gives every learner the opportunity to participate.



We have a history of strong cultural achievements for our children to enjoy.


Supplementary Services

Learners have their strong and weak points. With tools, everyone can reach their potential.


Riebie Rakkers

We are here to reassure parents that their children are being taken care of.


hasie kwassie

The road to success begins early and our grade R learners are given that boost

Focus on your child

Our Principal

Mr Vivian Botha

So bietjie meer oor die hoof. Agtergrond van sy loopbaan en waarnatoe hy die skool sien groei.

Van Riebeeckpark Primary is a school with a heart, and the people who are part of the school are the heartbeat!


Despite so many changes in society and education, we do not shy away from any challenges. Our achievements and results show that we still ensure proudly relevant and good education. With an enthusiastic, dedicated, and well-trained staff corps, learners are guided and shown the way to prepare themselves for life.


At Riebeeck, every child can develop and perform to the best of their abilities. We know that a school can only truly be happy and function optimally if parents are part of the success recipe, which is why the positive partnership between the school and our parents is of cardinal importance to us.


For our school, healthy values are a priority because they influence a child's future. Therefore, the values of respect, honesty, involvement, inclusivity, unity, choices, and gratitude are something we proudly live out and instil in our learners. These values encourage every learner to always believe in themselves and strive for better. All these objectives can only be successful if all stakeholders: child, parent, and teacher, join hands and tackle them together.


Here, we can all still dream, laugh, cry... and enjoy growing up.


"Shoulder to the wheel" will always drive us forward.


Become a Riebie and be part of our winning team!

Mr V Botha - Principal

The Management

The governing body at Van Riebeeckpark Primary is a dedicated group of individuals who support the school's vision and mission.

The school's first SGB meeting after the recent election has already taken place, during which portfolios were assigned as follows for members elected by our parent community:



Secretary / Infrastructure
Marketing / Communication




Statistics and Administration
Information Technology / Sports Educational
Leadership / Culture




Finances and Administration




Mnr Christo Strydom
Mnr Lehan van den Heever
Mev Gwen van Wyk
Mnr Mark du Plessis
Mnr Benjamin Matthee
Mev Liezel Cameron




Me Elsabé van Niekerk

Mnr Hendrik van Staden

Mev Ansa Mulder




Mev Liesl van Straaten

Inligting rakende die Departementshoofde.

Focused on Conservation

We remind our Riebie parents that the Riebie Klanke, hard copy, are only given to learners where parents do not have internet access. Thanks to the cooperation of our parents, we now only publish 150 Riebie Sounds in hard copy every week.


Through this website we endeavour to reduce the use of paper and to get information as quickly as possible to you, the parent. We trust that the experience will be great for you and your children and that you will benefit greatly from using our website. We look forward to keeping you and your family informed of our newsletters and newsflashes.